Spring training is on!

The guides have been out getting ready for the 2017 season.  We took a run yesterday on a flow of roughly 2500 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Starting at the gateway restaurant our class 4 put in allows little time for warm up. Within a dozen yards of pushing out from the river bank the river descends in a tight, twisting, must-make move. We all negotiated the first few rapids with little incident, but on the Osterizer our luck changed. As we plunged over the final drop into the hole our boat was spun sideways and what followed was a several minute rodeo ride as the raft surfed the hole in the middle of the river.  Finally a rope was thrown and the crew on shore was able to pull me and my boat out of the raging hole to safety. We got everything back in order and headed on down the river. We had prime flows and good lines the rest of the way down until Slicky. The river flow had been slowly increasing as we rafted down the run. It was a rainy day and the warm spring rain was melting the low elevation snow pack, causing the river to take on a slight murky look and bumping up the cfs. By the time we got to Slicky the river wide hole that is Slicky rapid was quite large. Paddling like mad we were able to blast through and drag ourselves out the other side. It was a close call, the huge hole trying its best to suck us back in for another rodeo surf. Following close behind or second raft being slightly smaller was stopped short by the powerful hydraulic and both paddlers were tossed into the mayhem. The river quickly spit Ray out and she was able to swim herself out of the flow to the shore. Jose, not wanting to abandon his raft held on and with sheer determination was able to drag his raft out of the hole and on down stream with him. We paddled out in our raft and intercepted theirs as it floated downstream. Ray jumped in and swam back to the raft as we put all the pieces back together. Another exciting day on the Kaweah river! Every trip on this amazing run is really a unique and special experience, one to be cherished. Thanks guys for and awesome day!